• What Cloud Wanderers do?

    1. Cloud Wander in Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud

    2. Study & cultivate Asian Wisdom Arts, which we share via Events

    3. Source & distribute premium quality goods from across the Silkroads

    4. Cultivate various skills & specialities, which we sometimes offer via our Services

    5. Look for special places, good teachers & other treasures, which we share via our Journal










  • The Cloud Wanderers

    At our core, we are cultivators of spiritual arts.

    However, we also have a wide range of hobbies & interest from permaculture to acupuncture.











  • Events

    Qigong Foundations Course

    Mondays 7.00-8.30pm, August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
    @ SPACE Yoga, Roseneath, Wellington


    Qigong is the art and practice of cultivating Qi (energy, vitality, the fluid of life). The foundational pillars of Qigong are breath, body & mind.

    In Qigong practice, we work to shape and condition these three pillars in a favourable direction for our health & wellbeing.

    The one month long course will cover the foundational principles of Qigong and provide practical exercises & information for self-cultivation.


    Join for the whole month (5 classes) or come drop in to any class.

    YangSheng Retreat

    28 - 31 Jan, 2022 
    @ Te Moata Retreat Centre, Coromandels


    YangSheng practices & teaching focus on prevention of disease, depletion, imbalances & nourishing life to its fullest.


    YangSheng retreat includes:

    -Healthy diet & seasonal foods
    -Quality sleep & daily rest
    -Qigong practice for harmonising Qi
    -Daoyin practice for pathogenic Qi purging
    -Stretching & body conditioning
    -Mind calming/conditioning & meditation
    -Foundational principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    -Daoist philosophy & lifestyle guidance
    -Harnessing the nature & surroundings
    -Harmony with yourself & others











  • Learn about the Cloud Wanderers online hustle & culture corner. We call it the Silkroads.

    Here you can find quality goods, meet interesting characters & learn about culture.

    Based in New Zealand, we share the gems old & new, online & in-person.









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