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After many years of studying the Eastern Wisdom & Energy Arts with numerous teachers in Europe, Asia and Australia, we have come to recognise one teacher who stands out. And he is available to you via the Internal Arts Academy.

Damo Mitchell stands out as an expert of Daoism, Buddhism, QiGong, NeiGong, Alchemy, Chinese Medicine, Internal Martial Arts and many more related areas. He is an author of 10 books on these subjects and has been teachings internationally for over 15 years.

His teaching fill the gaps that have been there for us for a long time and he provides a rather linear path for growth, which means that following his methods correctly provides clear and tangible progress.

From personal experience, we have been practicing QiGong for many years with a number of teachers, who were all good in their own right. However, since joining the Internal Arts Academy, we realised that after years of effort, we had not actually even started QiGong process proper.

What we had been doing was various conditioning, loosening exercises and stimulating Qi in the body, but we had not actually started generating, storing and using our Qi in any significant quantity nor quality . With Damo's Internal Arts Academy, the Qi building  process became evident within the first few weeks and a few months of training with him took us a lot further than years with other similar practices. (afterall, Qigong means to "generate/cultivate/build Qi", rather than healing or relaxing QI)

Damo's teachings are presented in an online Internal Arts Academy. We never though that we would be studying these previously deeply secretive arts online, but times have changed and we are loving it. We have no restrictions as to when and where to practice and all the teachings presented are of high calibre, easily understandable and comprehensive.

The practices include well balanced approach between energy and meditative work, with lots of well presented theory about the background of these arts, importance of healthy psychology and general lifestyle guidances.

The Internal Arts Academy  has at least 5 unique functions:

  • Ongoing Neigong program (currently over 3 years)
  • Ongoing Taiji Quan program
  • Ongoing Bagua Zhang program
  • Immensly large Library with various topics covered
  • Awesome Facebook community group where Damo, seniour students and hundreds offello senior students have a ongoing polite and insightful chat

Rumour has it that there will also be a Chinese Medicine ongoing course available soon!

If you are reading this article and are interested in the Eastern Spiritual and Energy Arts, please make sure to visit the Internal Arts Academy and give it a go. This advice comes after having met dozens of QiGong, Martial Arts, Buddhism, Yoga and other teachers. Damo and his online Academy is better than gold !

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