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      Baseides offering a wide range of Events & managing our Silkroads e-commerce platform, we offer a wide range of personal services, listed below.

      Qigong Tuition & Exchange

      We have studied Qigong since 2013, have met and learnt in person from dozens of teachers, some of with we have studied for many years. We offer Qigong classes & tuition that are suitable for beginners to lay a solid foundation into these arts. For more info, please contact us.

      Permaculture, Gardening & FengShui

      We come from homes/parents where growing and eating your own produce was the norm.

      We have worked years as professional garden landscapers, are certified in Permaculture Design and furthermore, study FengShui principles.

      We combine these in a practical manner to make gardens and homes harmonious, productive, healing and beautiful. Contact for more info!

      Chinese Therapeutic Massage

      Our Chinese Medicine studies are ongoing, including internal dynamics according to TCM, Qigong therapy, acupuncture, massage, cupping, etc.

      At this stage, we are confident to offer our massage service to those in need. We are very in-depth and offer professional service for affordable prices. Contact us for more info.

      Yangsheng Seasonal Catering

      Diet forms a big part of Chinese Medicine & Daoist energetic studies.

      Over the years, we have learnt a lot of wisdom from these arts and utilised many of the seasonal recipes on our own retreats and workshops. We have worked with number of external retreats as chefs and assistant cooks and are well equipped to provide seasonal diet, that is nourishing and balancing. Our speciality is to offer meals and catering for mindfulness, mediation, martial arts retreats & workshops.

      Contact us for more info.

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