• Yang Sheng

      Nourish Life Retreats

      Good health, happiness and vitality are the pillars of life quality.

      YangSheng practices & principles are designed to prevent disease, depletion, imbalances and nourish life to its fullest potential.


      YangSheng is a Chinese Daoist concept that can be translated as "life nourishment practices and principles". For the ancient Chinese, life was to be aligned with nature and the greatest lessons derived from observing the natural world. Just like a plant may need water, CO2, shade, sun, minerals, nutrients, companions, wind protection, etc. , so do humans depend on the right nourishment to be healthy, happy and brimming with potential.


      YangSheng methods are rooted in thousands of years of practical testing, application, observation and improvement, being part of Daoist internal practices and also Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings.

      This makes YangSheng effective, safe, down to earth and time proven.


      YangSheng practices include the following:

      • Healthy diet & seasonal foods
      • Quality sleep & daily rest
      • Qigong practice for harmonising Qi
      • Daoyin practice for pathogenic Qi purging
      • Stretching & body conditioning
      • Mind calming/conditioning & meditation
      • Foundational principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
      • Daoist philosophy & lifestyle guidance
      • Harnessing the nature & surroundings
      • Harmony with yourself & others






    • Upcoming YangSheng Retreat

      21-27 January, 2022 @ Te Moata Centre, Coromandel, New Zealand

      About the retreat

      The YangSheng retreat is a 5 full day retreat + arrival and departure days, inspired by the Daoist YangSheng

      "life nourishment" practices. The purpose of this retreat is to discover, plant and nourish seeds within that lead towards good health, happiness & vitality.

      Topics covered

      Many topics will be covered in a well structured format. We do not wish to overload participants with too much information, rather, the topics and activities are designed in a rhythmic flow, changing from theory to practice to rest.


      The following topics will be covered during the retreat:

      • Alignment with lunar & solar cycles (Chinese lunar New Year is on 1 February, 2022)
      • Nourishing diet, medicinal foods & seasonal eating 
      • Qigong routine (+ instructional video for post event practice)
      • Stretching & body conditioning routine (suitable for all ages)
      • Mind cultivation exercises & foundations of meditation practice
      • How to optimise sleep time & daily rest time 
      • Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts (e.g yin-yang balance & 5 elemental phases)
      • Daoist philosophical approach to life (e.g ,kindness, humour, balance, simplicity)
      • Tea Ceremony & premium herbal tonics 
      • Nature time (walking, swimming, gardening)

      Daily structure (except arrival and departure days)

      Good morning

      6.00-7.00 am Personal wakeup practice

      7.00-8.00 am Stretching & body conditioning routine

      8.00-9.00 am Breakfast & tea

      9.00-10.00 am Daily topic ( e. g harmonising Water element in TCM & daily life)

      10.00-11.00 am QiGong routine group practice

      11.00-12.00 pm Mediation & mind cultivation

      12.00-3.00 pm Lunch, nature walk, swim & rest

      3.00-4.00 pm Talk about Daoist approach to life

      4.00-5.00 pm Stretching exercises for seated practices

      5.00-6.00 pm Meditation practice

      6.00-7.00 pm Dinner

      7.00-8.00 pm Talk about various topics (e.g going to sleep and waking up)

      8.00-8.30 pm Evening meditation

      8.30 pm onwards - free time & rest, some nights we will walk to see the glow worms

      Good night

      Accommodation & venue

      The event is hosted at Te Moata retreat centre, located near Tairua town in the Coromandels.

      Te Moata centre includes 344 hectares of native forrest , further surrounded by the national parks and conservation areas. The ocean with some of the most pristine beaches is about 10 minutes drive,

      Te Moata has a fresh water spring running through the property, supplying the centre with fresh spring water.

      The centre includes many very beautiful gardens, nature corners, fruit and vegetable gardens.


      Price includes accommodation in the Centre in shared rooms or double rooms.

      There are numerous huts and small houses available for extra fee.

      Food & catering

      All food for this retreat will be carefully considered to optimise the experience. The food will be simple, fresh and seasonal. The recipes will include foods that suit together in combination and have healing/nourishing properties.

      All food will be vegetarian. The food will be catered by Adrian, a French chef who works for Te Moata during the retreats, further enhancing the culinary experience.

      Who can join?

      This retreat is suitable for young and old, those with previous experience in the Chinese arts such as TaiJi or QiGong, or those with no previous experience. All topics will be easily understandable, down to earth, practical and relatable.

      The emphasis of this retreat is on the foundational practices & principles of life nourishment. The teachings are designed so they could be easily integrated and carried on in daily life post event.


      Full cost of the retreat is $800 all inclusive

      (6 nights, 3 nourishing meals per day, standard accommodation, access to Te Moata tracks and nature spots, Qigong videos and two professional instructors guiding your experience).

      Bookings & more info

      Please email on gate@cloudwanderers.com or call 0273 647 194


      If you wish to addend this event but do not have the financial capacity, we offer a scholarship with reduced fees.

      Please contact us for more info.

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