• "One foot in, one foot out"

      The term "wandering like a cloud" comes from Chinese Daoist traditions.

      Once a person had solidified foundational principles of self-cultivation, it was recommended to travel about in different locations, exposing oneself to many different circumstances & seek good teachers.


      Along the way, a cloud wanderer should seek to understand & harmonise ones true nature.

      This is done by spending time alone, inwards, seeking clarity via meditative practices (one foot out).

      However, it is equally important to be a helpful, contributing member of the society (one foot in).


      By prioritising ones internal practices & spending periods alone,

      combined with sincere, compassionate & skilful character,

      one can harmonise & balance the yin-yang duality.


    • Listen to an excellent Podcast about Cloud Wandering by one of our best teachers, Damo Mitchell.

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