• Upcoming events

    All Covid related cancellations are fully refunded

    QiGong Foundations Workshop

    24 April, 1 - 4pm @ PIKO Wholefoods

    • Learn stretching techniques to relax the body & release tension
    • Learn how to naturally deepen your breath 
    • Learn how to calm your mind through the awareness of breath

    Qi Foundations: Lunar Edition

    12 April, 7.30 -9.00 pm, Space Yoga, Wellington

    Learn foundational principles and practices of the Art of Qigong.

    The foundations pillars of this art are the body, breath and mind.

    When these three are unified, Qi can be experienced and used.


    Learn more about QiGong Foundation here.

    YangSheng Retreat

    21-27 Jan, 2022, Te Moata Retreat Centre,


    The YangSheng retreat is a 5 full day retreat + arrival and departure days, inspired by the Daoist YangSheng "life nourishment" practices. The purpose of this retreat is to discover, plant and nourish seeds within that lead towards good health, happiness & vitality.


    Learn more about the YangSheng Retreat here.

  • Past Events

    Tea Ceremony

    3 April, 4.30-6.30 pm @ Space Yoga, Wellington

    • Learn about good quality tea & how to source
    • Mediation practice & tea ceremony 
    • Tea & Zen taste the same - tea stories from across the 7 seas
    Learn more about TeaDao here.
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