• What Cloud Wanderers do?

    1. Cloud Wander in Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud

    2. Study & cultivate Asian Wisdom Arts, which we share via Events

    3. Source & distribute premium quality goods from across the Silkroads

    4. Cultivate various skills & specialities, which we sometimes offer via our Services

    5. Look for special places, good teachers & other treasures, which we share via our Journal










  • The Cloud Wanderers

    At our core, we are cultivators of spiritual arts.

    However, we also have a wide range of hobbies & interest from permaculture to acupuncture.











  • Events

    Qigong Foundations Course

    Mondays 7.00-8.30pm, August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
    @ SPACE Yoga, Roseneath, Wellington


    Qigong is the art and practice of cultivating Qi (energy, vitality, the fluid of life). The foundational pillars of Qigong are breath, body & mind.

    In Qigong practice, we work to shape and condition these three pillars in a favourable direction for our health & wellbeing.

    The one month long course will cover the foundational principles of Qigong and provide practical exercises & information for self-cultivation.


    Join for the whole month (5 classes) or come drop in to any class.

    Medical QiGong Course

    Wednesdays, 7 - 8.30pm September 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

    @ Newtown Acupuncture Clinic

    QiGong can be practiced for three main reasons:

    martial, medical & spiritual.


    All QiGong will inevitably improve your health; by taking time to tune into your body and breath whilst moving in specific, time-proven ways to stretch and open the body will promote relaxation, which de-stresses the body. This in turn reduces stress-related symptoms of high blood pressure, anxiety, headaches, muscle tension etc.


    This course will give you an introduction to Medical QiGong and we will cover theory and practice of exercises which are beneficial to many shared health issues in society: sore shoulders, lower back and knees, headaches, sleep problems, anxiety, digestive issues, high pulse and blood pressure, depression, respiratory conditions, muscle tension and more. The course will help you to optimise and maintain your health, so you needn't have any specific ailments to attend.


    Classes will include stretches, a foundational routine (Ba Duan Jin) and seated practice.Movements are (mostly) gentle yet build strength and mobility. Ba Duan Jin has been practiced for over 1000 years, and is the most clinically studied form of QiGong. Each class will also include movements to stretch, open and connect the body, and seated practice to calm the mind

    YangSheng Retreat

    28 - 31 Jan, 2022 
    @ Te Moata Retreat Centre, Coromandels


    YangSheng practices & teaching focus on prevention of disease, depletion, imbalances & nourishing life to its fullest.


    YangSheng retreat includes:

    -Healthy diet & seasonal foods
    -Quality sleep & daily rest
    -Qigong practice for harmonising Qi
    -Daoyin practice for pathogenic Qi purging
    -Stretching & body conditioning
    -Mind calming/conditioning & meditation
    -Foundational principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    -Daoist philosophy & lifestyle guidance
    -Harnessing the nature & surroundings
    -Harmony with yourself & others











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