• Cloud Wanderers (LTD)

    A small enterprise, based in Aotearoa, New Zealand. 
     Dedicated to the teaching, practice & sharing of 
    Traditional Chinese Arts

    QiGong 氯功

    We have been studying & practicing QiGong/NeiGong for years, via seeking teachers around the world.

    Our skills limited & there are many higher attained skills. To go deeper we highly recommend Damo Mitchell.

    However, over the last few years, we have refined a beginners QiGong Foundations program, which we teach.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine 中醫

    We have been studying TCM & healing for quite a few years and are still full time students.

    We currently we study with:

    We also work & intern at Evergreen Natural Medicine Centre @ Epsom Auckland as junior TCM practitioners under the supervision of Dr Shelly Sun. In the clinic, we focus on tuina massage, qigong practice & herbalism.

    Oriveda Medicinal Mushsooms

    As a result of diligent research & good fortune, we are the sole distributors of Oriveda Medicinal Mushrooms

    to New Zealand. Oriveda provides pharmaceutical grade mushrooms, third party tested for purity & potency.




  • Kate and Henri (We)
    Met at a Buddhist Conference
    Got married in the spirit of greater good
    Love studying, travelling & practicing together
    The journey is ongoing...






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