• Silkroads

    Welcome to the Cloud Wanderers trade hub & culture corner. We call it the Silkroads.






  • Oriveda Medicinal Mushrooms

    We (Cloud Wanderers) are the sole distributors of Oriveda to Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

    Why Oriveda?

    Oriveda is specialised in medicinal mushrooms with guaranteed quality, tested by third-party laboratories, not just for safety but in particular for active ingredients, with guaranteed levels of the main bioactive & bioavailable compounds.

    Please visit our dedicated website for comprehensive education & premium supply of medicinal mushrooms.









  • What is TeaDao?


    More commonly known as "ChaDao" in Chinese or "ChaDo" in Japanese, we have tweaked the word to TeaDao.


    Often, we find ourselves sharing tea with new and old friends. We tell them all sorts of things about tea, such as the history, how to distinguish and source good tea, famous tea stories and sometimes, we even do some meditative exercises prior to drinking tea.


    Almost always we ask all the attendees to share a tea story and we love hearing the intimate stories of old grannies making tea or special memories when someone first visited a tea house. So far, everyone has had a tea story. It is this sharing of culture that we love the most and that is the crux of the TeaDao that we practice.


    For us, TeaDao is not a pedantic Chinese or Japanese ritual (although we are inspired by these traditions).

    When sharing tea, we mostly converse in English and engage with the people who have formed the "Tea circle".

    It is the circle of people, each telling their tea stories and having fine quality down time why we like doing TeaDao.









  • Edible fungi

    We will be introducing a wide range of organically certified edible fungi very soon, including Lions Mane, Shitake, Woodear, Snow Fungus, Black & White Fungus and more.


    Sign up now and we will let you know once we are ready to distribute ( ~ September 2021).








  • Culture Corner

    Internal Arts Academy

    Best resource to learn traditional Daoist & Buddhist Internal Arts, Qigong, Neigong, Bagua Zhang, Taiji Quan, Chinese Medicine and much more. Damo Mitchell is a living legend!

    China History Podcast

    Laszlo Montgomery hosted podcast about Chinese history is one of the best and most comprehensive programs to learn about Chinese history, culture, people, customs and so much more.

    Ponder Brush

    Master Choi from Taiwan/Hong Kong, lives in Perth, Western Australia and is an amazing teacher of Chinese traditional calligraphy and the deeper meaning of Classical Chinese. She has helped us with some of our work and we highly recommend her for any calligraphy needs.


    Inking the brush enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.' Master Choi.

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