• The idea of "silkroads" has been central to our undertakings for a long time.

    Silkroads concept allows the merging of culture and commerce, East and the West.

    For us, Silkroads is our "Asia hustle" that supports our "cloud wandering".

  • Three Pillars of the Silkroads







  • Silkroads projects & collaborations

    Oriveda - Premium Medicinal Mushrooms

    Netherlands based Oriveda provides world leading medicinal mushrooms that are all third party tested for highest bio-available active ingredients . We distribute Oriveda to Asia, Australia & NZ.

    TeaVivre - premium seasonal teas from China

    TeaVivre is our current main supplier of fine teas from China, Japan and Taiwan. Most of the teas are organic or even better, wild.

    Harvest dates provided, all teas are premium grade.

    Evergreen - NZ based TCM herbal formulae's

    We collaborate with New Zealand based Evergreen Herbs, manufacturer of premium quality Chinese herbal formulae's , with extensive experience in quality control and efficiency of the herbs.

    Strikingly Websites

    We have worked with many website projects, both in English & Chinese. After many years, we have partnered with Strikingly because of the simplicity and easy use. If you like our site, check our Strikingly.

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